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MTG: Myntasha, Honored One

For Magic: The Gathering, Heroes of the Realm
AD: Ovidio Cartagena

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As you might guess, I was both honored and thrilled to draw this for MTG's Heroes of the Realm. There was a lot of creative liberty for making the elk look all magical and sparkly, for as long as it was appropriately legendary, had crystal horns, was standing in a snowy forest and the moonlight filtered through its horns to cast rainbows on the ground.

I included a stone circle because stone circles are both mystical and deliberate in their nature, which felt like appropriate qualities for a legendary creature. The multiple deer merging together are about teamwork, and I wanted to position them in such a way that they may create a gentle suggestion of a winged shape. The snowy branches are placed in patterns similar to a nebula and an eye, because I wanted Myntasha to come across like a big deal, and space is pretty high on the list of the biggest deals ever.