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KeyForge - Panpaca Jaga

One of the first cards I drew for KeyForge by Fantasy Flight Games. I was given prompts for a pair of alien feline creatures, of which one was to have markings on one side, and the other - on the other side.

And then I had an excellent time researching important differences between cat butts and dog butts and decided that these two will have a whole array of moth antennae on their sides thus giving them an excellent sense of smell, and jellyfish stingers in their tails which are bio luminescent along with some other key spots due to plants they incorporate in their diet, and and and...

Anyway, I only found out much later that they're a nod to Richard Garfield's twin sons and that is so amazing! I can only hope that they turned out appropriately fierce.

Corel Painter XIII, Wacom Intuos 3.